Rolls-Royce M250 & RR300 Helicopter Customer Portal



M250 & RR300 Customer Portal

Our Purpose

Helicopters provide services and capabilities that we all depend on in our day-to-day lives. With 17,000 in-service engines, many of these helicopters are powered by our M250 and RR300 helicopter engines. The Rolls-Royce helicopter team is proud to support helicopters that deliver safety, security, and diverse capability in the communities we live. With 57 FAA approved variants and over 170 known applicants, there is no end to how the helicopter team supports communities around the globe.

Rolls-Royce M250 & RR300 Helicopter Engine Customer PortalRolls-Royce is committed to always searching for better ways to improve your online experience with us. The MyM250 customer portal was designed to connect you with your M250 or RR300 helicopter engine by providing easily accessible information to various customer support teams and service centers. To improve our relationship with our customers, this customer portal provides access to:

  • M250 & RR300 Engine Information
  • Photos from the Field
  • Service Centers
  • Training Infomation
  • Parts & Publications Information
  • 24-hour Customer Support

From the beginning, the M250 engine created an evolution of versatile and proven turbine engines. The affordable RR300 engine makes smooth and reliable turbine-powered flight possible for a new generation of aircraft. Together, these two helicopter engines power the world's most popular helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.